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Are your security requirements stressing you out? We at the AYS System, hold expertise in setting up a loud and accurate Intruder alarm system that notifies you as soon as your home security is bothered inappropriately.

Best Intruder alarm system Installation services provider in Harrow, UK. An intruder alarm system is one of the highly demanded security essential services from several other offered security system services. Our intruder alarms are crafted with the latest technology and have immense features that along with saving your belongings, also protect your loved ones from unauthorized entry. Our team of professionals will analyze your living/working area and suggest where and which intruder alarm could resolve your needs.

We believe in fulfilling the security requirements of homes and workplaces with unmatched and smart intruder alarms installation. As soon as an unauthorized entry is detected, it starts buzzing and notifying the people around as well as it sends a push notification to all the smartphones it is connected to. Thus, the sound of the intruder alarm system does not give the thieves room to escape.

Multiple Protection Modes To Choose From

We offer wired, wireless and hybrid intruder alarm systems to ensure every need is met, for every type of property.

Extensive Battery Backup

If we fully charged and in working order, a panel battery can keep your alarm working for upto 12 hours without mains power.

Authenticates Every Device On Connection

Users are notified of alarm activity by notifications straight to their smart mobile device and users have the ability to set/unset their system remotely.

Manage Device Configurations From Anywhere

Most recent intruder alarm systems allow now programmed supervision for both single, double, or triple End-of-line-resistor loop circuit configurations.

Smoke And Moisture Detection

The detector incorporates optical and heat detection technology as well as recognised and compensating.

Device Communication

Without communication path the connection status or health of the device is unknown until the panel send out another test signal to the device.

Integrated Security Solution

While opting for a burglar alarm installation service you of course would check how perfectly it can integrate with the other appliances installed within the house. Our burglar alarm installation is also considered as one of the best home alarm systems in the UK as the splendid features attract every forthcoming customer. Even if we are just enquired about the intruder alarm fitters, we follow a customer-first approach and that’s what sets us apart from other intruder alarm installers.

Smart and Intelligent Intruder Alarms

Our smart intruder alarm comes with several intuitive features attached to it. The security alarm system is a wireless system offering ultimate protection to your surroundings. It is quick, reliable, and accurate and is crafted to sense not only the forced entries but also notifies you when a real incident occurs. You will not experience any false alarms, if it senses something real, only then it will notify every device connected to it and prevent massive trouble. It identifies and eliminates the triggers like objects moving, wind waves, kids, or pets activities in the house to focus on the real issues.

Easy Installation

If you check out top intruder alarm installers in London, we will be featuring in the top results because of all the love and faith our customers have in us. Our team of professionals analyzes your home area and accordingly will suggest the type of alarms system you probably should go for. Installation is the easiest of all as it does require very little effort in setting up a device and integrating it with other devices. Once installed, our intruder alarms will identify and notify about the intrusions, immediately. Our impeccable alarm devices are crafted with latest the algorithms and functionalities for threat detection and thus, no false alarm could be sensed.

Tailor-made Solutions

We are experts in offering handcrafted security solutions for homes and businesses. You will be suggested an intruder alarm installation service once our prominent team of professionals has analyzed your surroundings. Our solutions also comprise tailor-made services as we believe no intruder will go undetected. Be it technology or adding custom features, our range of security products provides security against the most unexpected break-ins.

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Some FAQ

If you have any problems with your alarm you can contact our Service & Maintenance line where a colleague will be able to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Yes, depending on their size, they may well. We can install pet friendly sensors to ensure your furry family members don't set any alarm bells ringing.

Provided your security system is regularly maintained, the battery back-up in your control panel will be ready to kick-in and continue providing the security you need for up to eight hours.

First, a break-in or other event takes place, such as a fire or a technical problem. This is detected by a corresponding device (such as a door or window contact, motion detector, or smoke detector). The detector reports the event to the control panel. The signal is transmitted either by cable or by a wireless system. The control panel is the alarm system’s brain. It evaluates the signals and decides what to do. Depending on how the control panel is programmed, this chain of events culminates in a reaction: the siren sounds, the lights go on or a monitoring station is notified.

Good alarm systems are less expensive than you think. The feeling of safety is priceless.

There are two main categories of intruder alarms: wired and wireless. Wired alarms are integrated into the wiring of a property either during its build, or when it is renovated. Wireless alarms on the other hand work via sensors that are connected to a control panel through radio signals. Wireless alarms are ideal for retrospective fits and where you don’t want to go to the trouble of channeling cabling into walls. Both types of alarm work through sensors. These could be for example vibration, door contact, or passive infrared detector. Once the sensor is initiated it sends a signal to the control panel which then in turn activates an alarm. The alarm itself can take different forms: it may emit an audible tone, or it may be both audible and visual, i.e. a bell and a flashing light. There are also alarms that send signals to remote alarm receiving centers which then go on to inform your choice of personnel, such as a keyholder or the police. Which type of alarm you choose should be something you discuss with your security consultant, as they will be able to guide you as to the right model for your particular property and level of risk.