What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

A smart video doorbell is a device that enables you to interact with visitors at your door using an app on a smart device. When a visitor presses the button on the doorbell, it uses your home Internet connection to alert your attached smart devices to the caller. You can receive live HD images and audio directly in the app, and if you choose to answer the call, you can then interact with the caller. 

Smart doorbells can be battery powered or can sometimes be powered using existing doorbell power supplies. When connected to an existing doorbell circuit, they can often be used with existing mechanical and electrical chimes. Battery powered devices are classed as self-installing devices, whereas powered devices may require professional installation.


The Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Video Doorbell

Everything around us has started to smarten up. We now have smart security, smart thermostats, smart locks, and doorbells have now started to receive a major boost. Regardless of your position on technology, you should consider putting the smart doorbell to the test. The following is a look at the latest tech invention:

Smart Video Doorbells vs. Traditional Doorbells

Many people rarely ever think about the dangers associated with a normal doorbell until they find a viable alternative. Traditional doorbells come with some serious weaknesses. For instance, the home’s front door happens to be the most popular when entering or leaving the house.

It is, therefore, common for homeowners to forget to lock the door properly. Additionally, whenever the doorbell rings, you have to get close to the door to check who is outside. This increases your danger as you may end up opening the door to an unfamiliar person. But you can eradicate this risk through the use of a more advanced doorbell.

Today’s doorbell incorporates two-way audio, an HD camera, and a Wi-Fi connection. These are features that can easily be accessed from your smartphone, thereby helping you to enhance convenience and safety.

Most Benefits of Using a Smart Doorbell

1. Added Protection

The doorbell camera will enable the homeowner to talk to visitors and check videos of all visitors accessing their home from the comfort of any room in the house.

It acts as a personal safety measure to guarantee that no stranger, guest, or unwanted visitor will gain access to your house.

2. Keep It Hidden

It provides an additional benefit in that it assists in heightening the security of the home in various ways. A doorbell camera allows you to see all the visitors standing outside your door.

The good thing is that the person on the other side of the door cannot see the person inside the house. Guests and visitors will not have the slightest clue as to your whereabouts, a fact that helps to guarantee your personal security.

3. Real-Time Video Clips

A good thing about using doorbell cameras is that you get to watch real-life video clips of each person visiting your residence from your mobile phone. The doorbell camera is more efficient compared to your traditional security camera as it gets to serve two functions.

Many of the cameras being fitted to doorbells today come with full-color night vision. What this means is that you get to see a clear picture of the person standing outside your residence even when it is pitch black, rainy, or foggy outside.

4. Talk On the Go

The two-way voice communication feature means that you can talk to the visitors at your doorstep regardless of your location. Get to inform them of when you will be arriving, show an unwanted stranger or guest that you are around even when you are far, and even direct the repairman on what to do from a remote location.

5. Store Video Clips for Future Use

With this smart feature, you get to store video clips that can be reviewed in the future. It is an ideal way of ensuring that you will not miss important guests or visitors, or even have your package misplaced.

The camera also provides you with a method of keeping track of everyone who comes and goes from your house when you are not present.

6. Added Convenience

The smart doorbell makes it possible for parents to go to work or grocery shopping and still leave their kids alone at home. With this feature, you never have to worry about how your tweens or teens will handle an unannounced guest during your absence. You can easily handle the guests from wherever you are when they arrive.



If you’re looking for the best smart doorbell for your home, but you’re worried about too frequent notifications, adjusted sensitivity is a great feature to look out for. Advanced video doorbells, such as the AYS System Smart Home Video Doorbell, allow you to choose whether you’d like notifications after sensor detection, or just when the bell is pressed. You can also silence the bell’s chime – handy when the kids are in bed, or you’ve just finished a long nightshift.


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