What is Access Control? & How Will it help any New Businesses in Harrow, London?

Access Control has become a popular replacement for the traditional key and lock system. In fact, it has become so popular that you’ve probably used it a few times without even realizing it. If you’ve ever used a keycard or fob to enter an office building or used an intercom speaker to get into an apartment, you’ve most likely used Access Control. But using it in passing doesn’t necessarily mean you know how it could help your New Jersey business. In the blog post below, we’ll explain what Access Control is and how you might put it to use for your New Jersey business. Make sure you read every section to get the full picture.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a security technology that allows you to control who has access to specific areas of your facility and when they have this access. If you’ve ever used a keycard or keyfob to enter an office building, then you should be somewhat familiar with the concept. A key card or key fob is programmed with a set of specific access permissions. An employee, customer, or tenant can then use that card or fob to access your building via a proximity reader, mag stripe reader, or another reading device. This access can be limited to certain time ranges and specific areas of your facility.

How Access Control Can Work for any New Business in Harrow

Access Control can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, from a standard key replacement tool to a fully integrated security system. Let’s take a look at an example to see how you might utilize it in your New Jersey Business.

Access Control in a Small Business

Let’s say you run a manufacturing company in Union County. You have fifty employees who work on the factory floor. These employees are split up into three shifts, so the doors to the factory are always unlocked. You’re concerned about random individuals walking into the factory and stealing inventory. With three shifts, your factory workers don’t recognize every other employee, so they would not stop a stranger on sight. It would be relatively easy for someone to walk in, grab some equipment, and leave without being noticed. In addition to your factory employees, you have fifteen office employees who all have a key to the adjoining office building. The first person to arrive in the morning unlocks the door and the last one to leave locks up. You’ve had a few instances of individuals forgetting to lock the door when leaving, not realizing they were the last people in the office. In these instances, your office and the adjoining factory could have been easily robbed.


Basic Key Replacement Solution

To address these security risks, you get Access Control. The doors to both your office building and the adjoining factory floor are locked at all times, but each of your employees has access to the factory floor and/or the office building via a key fob. No strangers can randomly walk onto your property and steal inventory, and forgetful office employees are no longer an issue. Problem solved.

Access Control in Medium-Sized Businesses

It has been five years since you first implemented Access Control at your manufacturing company. You’ve since grown to 250 employees and expanded your space. It has worked well, but you’ve had a few problems. Four years ago, a first shift employee entered the factory during the third shift and stole some inventory. Last year, a factory employee went into the office building after hours and took some office supplies. Because each key fob has an identification number that is recorded when an employee enters your facility, you were able to catch both culprits rather easily, but you’d like to eliminate the risk altogether.


Key Replacement + Time and Zone Restrictions

To eliminate the problem, you adjust the permissions of your key fobs so that factory employees only have access to the factory floor and office employees only have access to the office building. Only upper management is able to access both areas of the building. In addition, you limit the time at which your employees have access. Office employees are able to access the office from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Factory employees are only able to access the factory floor during their specific shift.

Access Control for Large Companies

Another five years pass and your business has experienced more growth. You now have over 2,000 employees working at three different locations. With this many employees, security needs to be tight. You begin considering visual additions to your access control system

Photo Identification + Key Replacement + Time and Zone Restrictions 

You do some research and discover that certain companies (like us here at AYS System offer customizable access control system keycards that can include high-quality, full-color photos. You have your employee keycards remade to include this feature and implement a check-in process at the front desk of your office for visitors. Any guests passing through one of your buildings will have a temporary form of identification, and any employees will have their company-mandated photo ID. If a stranger enters your facility they will stick out immediately due to their lack of identification.

Let’s Get a Little More Specific. Let’s Talk About New Businesses.

You now have a general idea of what Access Control might look like for your business, but to understand all of the incredible ways it can help, you need to talk to the professionals about your specific organization. We at AYS System have been helping New businesses in Harrow, London, improve their security for 10 years, and we would love to do the same for you. Click here to get in touch with us. No sales pitch, no commitment. Just an informative conversation about what Access Control can do for you.

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