How To Protect Property & Pedestrians with help of Security Bollards & Barriers?

One thing that many people agree perfectly on is that the protection of lives and properties in any context, demands proactive efforts. In that line, you don’t have to wait until tragedy strikes before taking action. This is where bollards and barriers come in to help prevent or reduce vehicle-ramming incidents.

Based on the trends we have seen across many countries and cities of the world, these incidents could be either intentional or accidental.

Intentional occurrences, in this case, include things like drive-in attacks, vandalism, or pure robbery. Whatever the case may be, security bollards and barriers provide reliable protection. Comparatively, the cost of such protection could be lower than potential damages that often result from such incidents as the ones mentioned above.

For people that are just getting into the space, maybe to make your first-time purchase and installations, you may have questions regarding the meaning and use cases for these things.

Security Bollards vs Barriers

A bollard is a short multi-purpose vertical post that can be used for security protection and traffic control. This type of post can be made of concrete, stainless steel, plastic, or iron material. And they come in different shapes and sizes. So are the prices as well. In most cases, the level of security need you have will determine the type of bollard you’ll install.

Types of Bollards – Bollards can be found in different types. The most common ones include removable, retractable, automatic, permanent fixed, and rebounding bollards.

What Are Security Barriers?

This is a fence-like protective or defensive construction used to control traffic entrance and exit access within certain spaces. Good examples of security barriers can be seen in places like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, or public buildings. On the other hand, traffic in this context refers to foot, bicycle, or vehicle traffic. Like bollards, this one has different types and it comes in different shapes as well. So when you think of security bollards vs barriers, these two are not the same.

Types of Security Barriers – Under this category you can find things like an automated, manual, wedge, and vertical lift barriers. Once again, the peculiarity of your current need will determine the type of security barriers you’ll purchase and install on your premises. All in all, the cost is always lower than the benefits of protection.

Using Bollards To Protect Property

Practically, there is an interesting array of properties that can be protected through the use of bollards. In some sense, bollards are like obedient security personal, always there to do the job of protecting your properties. And they don’t ask for a promotion or vacation. So they are always there without fail.

Some of the properties that can be protected with bollards include the following –

  • Buildings – Especially are public spaces where there is no sufficient fencing, bollards offer complete perimeter protection for the office or public buildings. Beyond traffic control, even a slight incident of vehicle brake failure could cause expensive damage in a building. And then there are rising incidents of driven vehicle attacks.


  • Parked Vehicles – Public parking spaces are prime spots for vehicle attacks. However, with high security fixed bollards, you can be able to protect both visitor and employee cars at all times. Nobody will want to come out of a building only to see their peacefully parked vehicle in debris.


  • Business Tools Whether installed inside or outside the building many business tools and equipment are prone to be damaged by stray vehicles. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your business operations disrupted as a result of unexpected damage. With crash-rated bollards, you’ll become able to prevent such events from happening at all. Try to make it of closely aligned iron steel bollards.

Using Bollards To Protect Pedestrians

When it happens, terror-intentioned vehicle ramming can take lives as well. The same could also happen when there is an event of brake failure. Depending on the area, the shape of your building, and the walking spaces around them, using bollards will also offer perfect protection for pedestrians. Even before any incident of attack or corrosion, the visibility of bollards increases driver awareness which is good for pedestrian safety.

Probably, if your business office is located in a highly busy street, investing in pedestrian bollards will prevent some potential accidents from happening.

Using Barriers To Protect Properties

Just like we have explained regarding security bollards above, barriers are also useful for the protection of properties in different contexts. Some of the key areas where security barriers are used include hospitals, airports, military office buildings, banks, private security firms, and electrical installations.

Another interesting arena is private homes located in places with a high flow of vehicle traffic. With automated barriers, for instance, people can find it hard to gain authorized passage access even when no one is around.

On the other hand, options like a wedge and vertical lift barriers protect an area against authorized entrance unless someone or a vehicle is granted access. The other type that works well for the protection of properties in areas mentioned earlier is height restriction barriers. With this one, vehicles with a certain predetermined height cannot pass through.

Using Barriers To Protect Pedestrians

The interesting thing here is that some of the unexpected vehicle attacks on streets with high pedestrian traffic are now being prevented with high-security barriers. Specifically, in this regard, cities like London in the UK have budgeted millions of preventive security projects like this. Based on the fact that these bollards and barriers have been proven to protect pedestrians, many more cities across the world are now following through.

Whether you are a commercial business owner or a public official, further research of the best types of bollards and barriers in the market will give you an even better foundation to start.




To get started, the very first step is to do some research reading as you have done on this page. Then on the other stage, you may choose to engage a security bollards and barrier firm to take into account the exact size and shape of your building. If you are interested in streetscape bollards the requirements and processes may be different.


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