Why is having CCTV cameras and keeping them clean essential by AYS System

When it comes to considering whether to invest in CCTV cameras or not, there are some careful considerations to take into account; will you get a good ROI when you spend hard-earned cash on CCTV monitoring of your facilities? 


How crucial is it to have your premises covered by a well-designed professionally installed security system? How often will they need to be maintained and cleaned?
Why is having CCTV cameras and keeping them clean essential AYS System


The truth of the matter is, one of the most cost-effective ways to provide security in the workplace is with CCTV Security or Video Surveillance Systems. Having the ability to keep a close eye on your grounds is both essential and comforting.


The highly advanced technology of modern security cameras allows businesses to lower costs and risk by protecting their assets with continuous and seamless monitoring of their facilities. However, along with these surveillance instruments is the need for proper maintenance and CCTV cleaning – otherwise, having a hindered vision on your camera lenses can be extremely detrimental to their effectiveness.

Surveillance cameras can effectively replace expensive security guards while also increasing the reliability of trackable data by providing real-time remote video surveillance. Which is much more beneficial for business owners!


That being said, here are six reasons why CCTV systems are crucial for modern-day businesses, of all industry types, and why hiring a professionally experienced CCTV cleaning service is just as important:


1.      Reduce Cost and Risk

When it comes to getting every bang for your buck concerning the surveillance of your facility, CCTV cameras are the best option. They’ll prove to be the best investment as soon as they’re installed. Having a full, clear, and complete view of your premises in real-time as well as the remote online access by the user will indefinitely prevent costly incidents such as burglary, fire, vandalism.


2.      Prevent and Deter Crime

The very presence of CCTV cameras deters criminals. Mounted cameras are shining beacons telling people that your facility is guarded. It’s a very obvious tactic that criminals will target buildings without surveillance monitoring. In the same way, having an online system of surveillance allows employees to have a sight of safety hazards so they can act on a threat as quickly as possible.


3.      Fool-Proof Coverage

Having fully functioning CCTV cameras that are sufficiently cleaned for optimum resolution will provide you with complete coverage of your premises. And the best way to guarantee this is to implement a full and well-thought-out CCTV camera infrastructure. This will allow your cameras to cover all your facility's blind spots and you also won’t need to rely on the potential human error of a security guard who hasn’t got enough shut-eye, switching off on the job.


4.      Keep Your Employees Honest

While the main benefit of CCTV cameras is keeping a watchful eye on the exterior of your building, another important asset is the surveillance of the interior of your building. You can effectively monitor the vulnerable areas of the inside of your building along with the goods, assets, and sensitive materials. This could also be used to monitor your employees; having recordable footage prevents any false accusations and a potential lack of trust among all staff.


5.      Encourage Good Behaviour

In the same breath, having constantly running CCTV cameras inside your facility will also promote good behavior among staff. This will help encourage employees to maintain a strong work ethic. Additionally, it will give customers and staff a sense of security knowing they are being properly monitored in case of an unfortunate incident.


6.      Prevent Safety Incidents

If your facility has areas of the premises which are more accident-prone than others, CCTV cameras can be strategically placed and programmed to monitor these areas more heavily. Areas that are prone to fires or other dangerous hazards. Having optimally working CCTV cameras allows you to implement more rapid emergency measures and action can be taken with careful monitoring.


7.      Assist Law Enforcement

When major incidents happen and the law authorities need to get involved, having CCTV footage can help them majorly in identifying the culprits – a very important asset. They can release video footage or photos to the public to further aid the effort to pinpoint criminals. Making a rightful arrest becomes a whole lot easier when clear footage from your well-maintained CCTV camera system has been used.


So, with all these benefits to having a well-thought-out surveillance camera infrastructure, one of the most important aspects to bear in mind is maintenance. Unfortunately, cameras are exposed to extreme weather conditions which could be detrimental to their vision. They also collect a lot of dust and debris and are also popular environments for pests to inhabit even if they have lens covers on. Cleaning them is a specialist job that requires delicate handling, experience, and correct, safe operation of hire reach machinery. If you think it’s about time you got your CCTV cameras inspected and cleaned.

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