What are the Reasons to install CCTV Cameras at Society or Residence?

Whenever we think of the security of our house, we think of the watchman(men) standing guard at the entrance to the housing society in which we live. Immediately after that is the vision of the watchman dozing off or leaving their post to run an errand for some elderly woman in the building. This scenario doesn’t really paint a picture of reassurance, does it? Even though we have faith in the human element when it comes to our security, being solely dependent on it can be unwise. Hence, investing in a CCTV system for the housing society is a good idea.CCTV Cameras For Society By AYS System


  1. Acts As A Deterrent
    The moment a troublemaker- someone as harmless as a vandal looking to spray graffiti on the society compound wall to someone as malicious as a robber- sees that the society uses CCTV cameras, they are deterred from creating a nuisance for fear of being caught.
  2. Monitoring Visitors
    Once a visitor enters the building, the watchman can keep an eye on the movements of the visitor till they reach the apartment. This ensures that the visitor doesn’t lie and deceive the watchman of their intentions.
  3. Check For Infected Strays
    Often, sick dogs and cats may take refuge in society premises. If these infected strays end up biting a resident, it may result in a medical emergency. When it is a surveillance society, meaning there are CCTV cameras covering the whole premise, the watchman or the residents can keep an eye on such strays and ensure that they are properly treated and attended to rather than being left untreated and pose a risk to the residents.
  4. Know Who’s At The Door
    The CCTV camera for housing society price is not as high as believed. The advantage of the relatively low cost of let’s said Eurovigil’s products is that the housing society can afford to install as many as required. If there is one installed at the entrance to every flat, or covering the length of the whole floor, then the resident can remotely check the live feed from the CCTV camera of their floor to know who is at the door before they open it. This will ensure that nobody asks for the door to be opened under false pretenses.
  5. Monitor The Children
    With crimes against children on an unfortunate rise, it is of paramount importance that we ensure their safety. When children play in the society compound or even as they wait for their school bus to pick them up from the society gate, there is a chance of a potential antisocial element harming the child. When you have a CCTV camera for society, you can keep a check on the children and alert the authorities or take action yourself when there is any suspicious activity like a stranger lurking around the society.
  6. Prevent Night-Time Break-Ins
    The CCTV camera for housing society should be installed at strategic locations such as the entrances, exits, lobby, secluded compound zone. The line crossing detection or intrusion detection mechanism of the CCTV cameras will alert the authorities and you if there is anyone trying to cross the compound wall or enter the building after a certain time.
  7. Safety For The Elderly
    For the elderly living alone, the CCTV camera system act as a means of ensuring that they are safe. Family of the elderly can check the live feed on their phone to know if their elderly relative has reached home safe or not, or has left from home safe or not.
  8. Reduced Chances Of Hacking 
    Since the CCTV cameras are linked to a limited number of output devices such as the residents’ mobile phones, there is a limited chance of it being hacked and programmed to stop functioning. This means that you can rely on the footage of the CCTV cameras in case anything goes wrong.

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