What are the Benefits of IP CCTV Camera for Retail Security?

Benefits of IP CCTV Camera for Retail Security

If you want to protect your building, employees, assets, and other valuables, video surveillance is a must-have. Although the majority of businesses and organizations use CCTV surveillance systems to monitor daily activities both during and outside of work hours, many are still employing analog camera systems. When it comes to video surveillance, IP (internet protocol) is the current trend. In its most basic form, an IP surveillance system is a digital video camera system that can send and receive signals over a computer network. Only an analog camera's feed is sent straight to a DVR (digital video recorder). There are several advantages to using a high-definition IP video system that analog cameras just can not provide.


The following are a few key benefits of using an IP camera system:


Video-Sharing: Not only can you watch your video on any device, but you can also send it to anybody in the world. In critical instances, this reduces inquiry time.


Accessibility- If you have internet connectivity, you may view your surveillance cameras at any time and from any location. IP video surveillance allows users to access the stream from their cameras from any web-connected computer or mobile device.


Resolution- Videos that are grainy or fuzzy are a thing of the past. High definition IP cameras enable incredible zoom-in capabilities, with cameras now exceeding 30-megapixel resolutions, outperforming even the most modern analog cameras. IP cameras are also available in HD 1080p and even 4K quality. When compared to digital resolution, any analog resolution appears out of focus.


Storage- There will be no more CDs or VHS tapes. With IP video surveillance, all footage is digitally archived. You can save and keep as much film as you like if your hard drive allows it, or you can store it on the cloud, which is becoming a more popular choice.


Low Maintenance- Excessive equipment continues to be phased out in the digital age. An IP video surveillance system saves the owner money by eliminating the need for time-lapse video equipment, tapes, cataloging, and other related expenses.


Flexibility- Every analog camera must be connected to the DVR directly. Multiple IP cameras (in the same general region) can be connected to a single switch, which is then connected to the NVR (network video recorder) through a single cable. You can also link switches together to increase the number of cameras and the region being monitored. This decreases the amount of cable required during installation and enables the seamless connection of more cameras.


Don't be concerned if you're still using an analog system. Converting and/or phasing from an analog system to an IP system is simple, and it does not require you to discard all of the expensive equipment you purchased several years ago. Please contact AYS System if you are interested in switching to an IP system or installing a whole new IP video surveillance system.

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