Tips for Properly Positioning Security Cameras for Maximum Safety

Let's take a look at a complete guide that will assist you in efficiently planning your security system in London, UK.


Above Front Door – Breaking with doors is the most common method of entry. As a result, it is critical to implement the security mentioned at this location. Installing a security camera above the main door can help deter burglars by allowing you to see suspicious activity in real-time. In addition, if the burglary has already occurred, it aids in the investigation by providing clues. Package theft is significantly reduced thanks to the front door cameras. For this purpose, a wireless CCTV camera with night vision and live updates on your mobile phones and other devices is an excellent solution. You can go with Eurovigil's I view IP 200 2MP Dome Camera, which has an IR range of 10 to 30 meters with motion detection.


Baby's Room - We understand that as a parent, you are constantly concerned about your child's safety. With a camera installed in your baby's room, you may rest certain that your youngster is safe even when he or she is with housekeeping personnel. Installing a camera in the baby's room can provide several other advantages. Wide-area viewing aids in keeping an eye on all activities, as does the motion sensor, which alerts you when your child attempts to escape the crib. Wireless security cameras with DVRs are a good choice for a child's room because you can move the camera to follow your child's movements. Surveillance cameras with audio recording capabilities are also a viable solution.


In-Home Office — Many modern homes have a home office. Lawyers, Chartered accountants, Tutors, and other professionals make up the majority of these entrepreneurs. A home office is a location where not just cash is kept, but also vital items such as laptops, printers, and even personal documents such as bank statements. For the security of your vital documents and gadgets, a CCTV camera with a memory card and a battery is a must-have.


Above all other entry doors - Burglars don't just break in through main doors. If you have a backdoor, garage door, basement door, or any other door that could be used by a burglar to gain access to your home, you should install the best exterior security camera to prevent theft. You can select the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR to ensure that all entrances to your property are protected. Installing security cameras outside the home is necessary to keep a watch on what is going on outside the house and to alert potential burglars that the property is secure.


Ensuring the correct positioning of your security cameras will allow you to enjoy your vacations and travels without worrying about the security of your property. Your family's safety is also secured while you are at work...


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