How to Protect Against Doorstep Scams by AYS System


Phone scammers, email phishing, vishing, and other internet frauds are easy to tackle. You can control them just by hanging the phone, blocking the contacts, or pressing the “delete”. However, what if a fraudster suddenly appears at your doorstep? According to National Trading Standards, out of all scams committed in the UK, approximately 5% of them account for doorstep crimes. So, are you prepared to deal with it? And here comes an age-old question: How do you identify if the stranger at your door is a trickster? Let’s find out how they do it.


What Are The Common Types of Doorstep Scams?

Some may smooth-talk their way in like they’re in trouble, so if you could allow them to use your phone. Others may pretend to be from an organization or the council, with a fake ID and uniform.

From false surveys to bogus charity collectors, it’s a sad fact that the doorstep fraudulent are getting more and more creative each year. According to one of the most recent reports, some scammers have even tried to trick people into believing that they are door-to-door Coronavirus Testers just to get their foot in the door.


How to Avoid The Doorstep Scams?


Check Charity Numbers of Fake Charity Collectors:

Legitimate charities in the UK have a charity number. Thus, check the charity number on the Charity Commission Website before letting them enter your property.

Check Online Presence of Rogue Traders:

A cold caller may offer you service for your property’s betterment and improvement. Such as fixing a leaking roof or house renovation. But their real purpose could be to rob you of your money and other belongings that you have in your house. Before letting them in, check the genuinity of their organization by doing quick online research through your smartphone.


Check Credentials of Bogus Officials: 

Some might claim to be from your utility organization, you can ask for their identity confirmation.

Here’s how to find if someone is committing identity fraud: How to prove and verify someone’s identity.


Put Up a Deterrent Sign:

Putting a “no cold callers” sign on your door or window may help you deter cold callers from disturbing you.


Don’t Share Your Personal Information:

Never disclose your personal information like the pin number of your bank cards, emails, or passwords.


Have a Security System Installed At Your Home:

Tech-enabled electronic security, the latest access control system, intruder alarm, CCTV, and installation of other security systems can help you deter potential crimes in your house.


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