AYS System Suggest to Invest in a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells, also known as smart doorbells, allow you to virtually answer your door from your phone or smart device. Most video doorbells can record video, receive and play audio, and notify you when someone’s nearby or has actually pressed the bell.

While not the most expensive smart home device, some models are noticeably pricier than your bog-standard doorknocker – so you may be wondering, do I really need to upgrade my front door? We’ve compiled the top five reasons to increase the safety of your home with a smart doorbell as soon as possible.


The first – and perhaps most obvious – the reason to invest in a video doorbell, is the added security they provide. It allows you to see and speak to whoever’s at the door before you physically open it, you can record and monitor what’s going on outside your home, and it could potentially deter intruders if they were to notice they were being watched.

It’s not just about unknown visitors either – smart doorbells are also a great way to make sure the family gets home safely. You’ll be able to see when the kids get home from school, when your partner gets home from work, or when your parents get back from their daily errands – quite literally at the push of a button. Plus, seeing your loved ones give you a cheeky wave at the doorbell while you’re away from the nest is a great pick-me-up.

Never miss a delivery again

It seems the postie always knows to arrive just as you step foot into the shower or make a quick trip to the shop. With a video doorbell, you’ll be notified when the delivery driver comes knocking - and if you can’t get to the door, you can always ask him to leave your parcel somewhere safe through the built-in intercom.

Neighborhood watch

You can watch and record video with a smart doorbell, which means you may be able to retrieve footage of any going’s on around your street, which could be valuable to others around you. When video doorbells or CCTV are installed, it can actually also improve the security of the homes around your own, too.

Interaction with other smart devices

One major benefit of smart tech is their ability to communicate and interact – and a Wi-Fi doorbell is no different. You’ll be able to trigger other devices with your wireless video doorbell – for example, you could set your lights to turn on when someone walks by your home while you’re away, to create the appearance your house isn’t in fact empty.


About AYS System

We at the AYS security systems, hold expertise in setting up a loud and accurate intruder alarm system that notifies you as soon as your home security is bothered inappropriately. An intruder alarm system is one of the highly demanded security essential services from several other offered security system services. Our intruder alarms are crafted with the latest technology and have immense features that along with saving your belongings, also protect your loved ones from unauthorized entry. Our team of professionals will analyze your living/working area and suggest where and which intruder alarm could resolve your needs.



If you’re looking for the best smart doorbell for your home, but you’re worried about too frequent notifications, adjusted sensitivity is a great feature to look out for. Advanced video doorbells, such as the AYS System Smart Home Video Doorbell, allow you to choose whether you’d like notifications after sensor detection, or just when the bell is pressed. You can also silence the bell’s chime – handy when the kids are in bed, or you’ve just finished a long nightshift.



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