6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglaries


While we live in a relatively safe country, that does not mean we should let our guards down. Break-ins can happen to anyone in any neighborhood at any moment. Summertime sees the largest number of break-ins, as people go on holiday or begin to leave their windows and doors open more often. When our homes are broken into, we all know what to do: call the cops. But what would you do to reduce the chances of being burgled in the first place?




Here are 6 easy ways to protect your home from burglaries:


1. Lock It Up: While this may seem to be self-evident, many people fail to lock all doors and windows before leaving their home. And if you're just in the backyard, lock your front door because robbers have been known to get in and steal valuables. According to some figures, burglars gain entry to a home through an open door or window 30% of the time and take just 10 minutes to complete the job.


2. Home Alarm Systems: If you have an Alarm System at your home, make sure to set it every time you leave the house, and if you don't have it, an alarm system is worth considering. A home alarm system can not only give you peace of mind by ensuring that your home is secure, but it can also help you save money on your home insurance premiums. 


3. Secure The Door: Don't support a burglar in entering through the front door (34% of them do!). Get used to the latest technology and have a door access control system for your home. It will not only protect your home from burglar but will also alert you when someone visits your house. 


4. Get a Fake Dog: Want the advantages of a guard dog's protection without barking, walking, training, or cleanup? Display a "Beware of Dog" sign or dog food bowls by your front or back door or along the front fence to warn passersby that Dog is at home and ready to fend off intruders.


5. Install Security Cameras: Thieves can go to any length to get their hands on your valuables, despite ignoring a surveillance camera that is looking them in the face. Install exterior surveillance cameras near your home's entry points. If prowlers approach, you'll be able to track them on your linked monitor in real-time, or review the captured footage and send it to local law enforcement if necessary.


6. Keep Your Wires Covered: If a burglar isn't deterred by the security sign on your lawn, he could try cutting the wires to disable your home security device. Prowlers can have a tougher time finding and snipping exterior wires if they are hidden in electrical conduits.


Do not enter your home if you notice it has been broken into or if you notice suspicious activity on your premises. Make a call to the Police and wait for them to arrive.


Keep an updated inventory of your belongings to prepare for a future home claim. It will aid the police in identifying your belongings if they are recovered, as well as make the claims process go more smoothly.


So, if you go with a dog, motion-sensitive lighting, or a professionally monitored home security service, you'll be well on your way to keeping your home secure.


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